BE you!
be limitless!

Are you ready?

If you want a change in your life, you have to be ready to break an old pattern or habit. HOW READY ARE YOUR FOR THIS CHANGE?

If I ask you today - are you ready to give up everything that is comfortable and certain in your life to create more value? More opportunities and less suffering? ... Think about it and be honest with yourself ... Would you be prepared for it? Are you ready to give up a job that does not satisfy you but offers you security? Are you ready to break out of a relationship that has broken your health but still gives you confidence? Would you be prepared to say no to your friends even though being part of them will strengthen your image? The greatest FEAR of our time is to give up RELIABILITY and CONTROL. If one day you're ready to turn a whole new page into your life, you know where to find me.

My name is Carmen Pritson and I'm ready to help you.

I'm ready to crack your mind if you are.

Face the first challenge

Do you want to be more confident - not a failure or a victim?
You may think that confidence is something that you can learn. Confidence is something that has always been inside you but it's hidden - under the layers of your past fears and mistakes. I'll help you clean out these layers so that you can be your true SELF!

To change your state start with these tools I have created for you.


The book "Manifesto" is your best tool to go deeper into yourself and let go of all the obstacles that has faced you so far in this life.

"Your personal Manifesto" gives you opportunity to create dreams and goals. It is the best tool to help you get closer to these goals you may have dreamed about, but for some reason have not yet achieved.

The reasons why we do not move forward are often related to our failure to write down our goals and plans. Did you know that the goals you write down are 40% more likely to be fulfilled?

"Your personal Manifesto" gives you the quick-start to be confident in your choices and get there faster. It's designed to give you hope and opportunity by following real steps.

If you can't see where you're headed, you aren't sure where you want to end up. If your goal is to get further, jump higher, you need to PLAN your life!

"Manifesto" guidance cards

The fastest way to change your state is to use Manifesto 44 guidance cards. You can pick a card for your soul message every day. They will give you the guidance in order to change the state you have fallen in.

Get a personal snapshot of my life as transformational coach where I share daily tips, revelations, behind the scenes of workshops and events, live videos, and more.

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