Magical Manifesto, The Book

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Manifesting the future requires understanding one’s own courage, real opportunities and effort.
Your every thought is tomorrow’s emotion and then action. Be the AUTHOR of your activities and results. This book is YOUR inspiration, your personal vision follower.



“The Magical MANIFESTO” is a tool to create dreams and goals. This is your best opportunity to help you get closer to those goals, which you may have long dreamed of, but for some reason have not yet achieved. However, the reasons why we do not move forward are often related to our failure to write down our goals and plans. Did you know that the goals you write down are 40% more likely to be fulfilled? “The Magical MANIFESTO” gives you that quick start to be confident in your choices and get there faster. It’s designed to give you the hope and opportunity to follow real steps. If you can’t see where you’re headed, you can’t be very sure where you want to end up. If your goal is to reach further, jump higher, you need to PLAN your life.

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